Create Live Stories to Organize your Posts

Everyone has a digital story to tell! By creating a live story, you can organize posts, into stories using social media sites you already use. Start curating posts and organizing them by synchronizing with your hashtags. Stasht will automatically organize them into a story for you.


Take Control of your Social Media Life Story

Simply sync your account with your current social networks, and Stasht will collect and store your posts in one central platform. Simply scroll and Stasht multiple posts into one of your live stories. This is perfect for archiving memorable moments, gathering event posts and collecting vacation photos.

Invite Friends to Join your Story

We use social media to tell our stories, one post at a time. Since, moments are often shared, Stasht allows you to reach out to friends you experienced them with, and invite them to share their moments. By allowing friends to collaborate, it includes contributed narratives, provides more photos, and offers viewers a more complete story.

Create a simple Stashtag and use it for all future posts

Whether you are getting married, taking a trip with friends, or starting a collection of posts for a blog. You can now create a simple stashtag that you can use to gather current and future social media posts from different social media sites like facebook and instagram.


Publish your story!

Now you can publish your posts as a complete story. Text the link to your friends, or post it to your blog.